Online casino games are as much appealing as their real-time counter-parts. The critical difference being instead of a physical human dealer you are dealt by the computer. With every aspect of our social life being shifted from the physical dimension to the internet, casinos have gained importance over the net as well. Sitting inside a typical brick and mortar construction is no more the only form of casino. With mobile devices at your disposal you can easily play a hand of poker or roulette even during your office break, or at night comfortable tucked in your bed. Online casinos at Talking Casinos are a good example of such a scenario.

The most loved online casino games


Slots will feel merely any different playing on your computer. As it is the game even in its physical world is automated, the computer version will feel pretty much routine. In online slots, you will have your virtual slot machine, with a virtual lever. As you pull this virtual lever the wheels set in motion and then eventually come to still. The wheels will line up next to each other with different prize layouts for you. However, there is one particular benefit in playing online slots. Unlike the real world slot machines, the online ones see an absurdly high amount of progressive jackpots; occasionally hitting upto millions.


No casino is complete without the poker. The Poker is the pride and charm of every casino. It is not just a game of luck, but of skill, experience and intelligence. Which is why the following of this game is immensely high. In online video poker your cards are dealt virtually by the computer, and then you press relevant buttons to either hold the cards or discard them. Rest the game continues as per normative procedures of Poker.

A critical difference on online casinos at Talking Casinos and such, is that you can play online poker in a single player mode. In such a scenario, once you show your hand computer will judge your odds and pay accordingly. A low price for a pair and the maximum for a royal flush.


Whilst poker is the dark horse of a casino, roulette is the king of it. There is no skill or intelligence involved, it is pure luck at the grandest stage of them all. This game symbolises the very integral essence of a casino. A giant spinning wheel, with red and black coloured slots, that’s roulette. With the giant wheel spinning furiously and the silver ball bouncing from one slot to the other -you stand to both lose everything and win everything.