In the past few years online gaming has gone through a number of transformations. It used to be the kind of thing played into the early hours by people in dark rooms using specialist gaming computers surviving on diets of crisps and fizzy drinks but now it’s a completely different animal altogether.

Today’s online gaming trends have drifted away from the traditional role playing games where people would wear headsets in their bedrooms in America, shouting instructions to people in the UK through a web connection; and now it’s more about playing games and winning money through the likes of online bingo and the lottery with people preferring to play the lottery online than buying tickets from stores and playing bingo on the web instead of going to the traditional halls.

The question is, why has online gaming changed so much towards the kind of games played by men and women of all ages? There are probably five key factors in the transition:


Online games, like bingo and the lottery, are all over the Internet with a range of different websites to play on so you don’t have to go to a specialist website necessarily.

With the Internet more widely available, people are able to spend more time online – especially if they have the chance to play on their smart phones and tablets for example – and that means that they can play games whenever they get the opportunity whether this is on their coffee break at the office, on the train on the way home or while relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening.

Social Gaming

People like playing socially – especially in the case of bingo – and live chat features have made this a possibility. Rather than playing on their own with nobody to chat to, which can make the game uninteresting they can talk with friends and other players about the various games available, how to play them and anything else they want to talk about making it a great way to play games and have a catch up at the same time when your friends are too busy with their own lives to drop everything for the evening.

Increased Opportunities to Win

Playing at any time of the day or night makes it possible to play in smaller ‘rooms’ where the chances of winning are much better. At peak times, more players are around competing for the jackpots making it more difficult to win – especially when it’s out of your control in the case of the lottery or bingo.

By playing lotteries in other countries or online slots real money late at night you increase your chances of winning without needing any skill or experience making it perfect for everyone.


The game providers are making their games more widely available to the public, either in the form of a website or a mobile app which can be easily downloaded in a matter of seconds and the player can be on the game quickly and easily wherever they are provided that they have an Internet connection.

User Experience

Finally, user experience has become a key to every gaming website rather than those targeted at ‘professional’ gamers. Sites are being designed with target audiences in mind and images, colours and games are reflecting that so the whole website package is much more appealing and encouraging people to not only play on them or read articles there and then, but to come back again in the future.