The Gnome slot machine is usually one of the first you could see in slot halls and casinos. The appealing design always drew people’s attention. Nowadays, you don’t need to go to a casino to enjoy it. You can just play this slot or any other free slots online and absolutely for free.

The rules and general facts about the game

  1. Gnome Slot has five reels and nine pay lines. The extra features are the doubling game and the bonus round (which has two levels). Winning combos must include at least three identical icons in a row. One of those three must be on the first reel or the fifth one. If you get five gnomes together, you’ll get the biggest possible payout which is 5000 times your stake.
  2. The online game is quite similar to the traditional machine. The control panel has the buttons Bet, Line 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 (where you choose how many lines you bet on), Start, and Double. There is also the button Help which provides you with all the information you might need. Everything about the pay table is described in this section as well as the rules of the game.
  3. The game for doubling gives you an opportunity to increase your score. It is played with the 5 cards. The first card is the dealer’s and it’s lying face up. Your job is to pick one of the remaining four (which are face down) and hope its rank will be higher. If your guess is correct, you win and the payout is doubled. If the cards turn out to be equal, you redo the round till someone wins. The number of tries is unlimited. It provides you with huge chances to win big.