An important variable to take into account to make money playing slots is the machine to choose. There has been a lot of talk about false myths and legends about how to choose a slot machine that are of doubtful reliability, but there are some recommendations to take into account when choosing the arcade machine that benefits you more than others –

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  • Choose agen joker online slots with the highest payout percentage.
  • Choose games that have good pay tables.
  • Play casino slots, not bars.

The reason is one: the payback of the slots of this type of premises is usually much lower than in physical and online casinos. In casinos the percentage of return goes from 95% to 99%, while in other types of premises it can go from 50% to 75%.

Avoid progressive machines.

Playing a progressive slot with the goal of winning the jackpot can be very tempting. However, the chances of winning it are more or less the same as winning the lottery. Besides, most have a requirement that you bet with the maximum bet, so you have to have a very large budget to support the game.

Choose slots with the highest payout percentage

Slot machines are programmed so that 92-97% of the bets are not winners. This means that the chances of winning in each spin are low, but that they can be even lower if you do not choose well with which machine you are going to play. Now, the question is this: how do I know what the payout percentage is for each slot machine?

Online slots: you can refer to the reports published by the casino websites they or you can even find out about casino forums where users share their experience and knowledge.

Physical slots: check with the staff and other players in the room. It is also useful to look at a particular slot machine to see if it pays a lot of prizes per day or not.

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Online slot casino with good pay tables

Most online casino websites have pay tables where they show the payments that have been made in the last hours in the different games, along with the amounts won. Some even tell you how much the winning person had bet. Take advantage of this information. Study your favorite games, which are the ones that give the most money and choose the most advantageous ones.

Don’t play same game for too long

If you’ve won a lot of money in a purely gambling casino game, switch over and try another one because the casino game you won is probably not going to return you a big pot. If you have won the jackpot or progressive jackpot, the login joker123 machine will be reset and although you can continue to choose to receive a prize, if you won the progressive jackpot it would be an amount low. Actually, our recommendation if you win a progressive jackpot would be to stop playing and go out and celebrate.